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"I’m just so thrilled that I was able to do this record [Rabbits]. It feels like a first record for me. […] I don’t think I’ve ever been so honest." (x)

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it’s easy, it’s easierthan it seemsit’s easy, it’s easierthan it seems…

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"When I first came out with my record, I felt extremely overwhelmed by everything that was going on. I was incredibly lucky, but in over my head. I would show up to a shoot in something that I loved to wear, but I would end up wearing what the stylist picked. It was always someone else’s vision. Those experiences helped me develop more of an awareness. Now I wear what I want to wear" - Vanessa Carlton (photos and quote from Vanessa’s interview with Stylelikeu x)

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"[Talking about the music video for Carousel] I didn’t want it to be some vanity thing; I didn’t want it to just be a bunch of beauty shots. Who cares? Do something provocative, interesting - that’s the goal. It’s very much about the photography" - Vanessa Carlton for Zooey magazine

First shot of Vanessa Carlton for “Hear the Bells” music video

as usual, i’m in a tricky predicamentweather in my thoughts, on the roof sneaking a cigarettedear california, it’s been nice to know yatell me, will you miss me when i’m gone?

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"I have this dichotomy: I love New York, but my roots are also in the forest. I always joke that I really believe in the forest. I feel like your can derive, everything that is healthy for you, in the woods" - Vanessa Carlton